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The Occasionalists Celebrate

Docs Who Rock

June 18th


The Occasionalists are delighted to be performing @9 pm @Branded Saloon located at 603 Vanderbilt Ave. in honor of and in celebration of Maimonides Hospital's graduating residents and other hospital workers. While the evening is really about the doctors -- and their ability to sing as well as save lives -- please stop by to hear the band, listen to the docs and maybe grab the mic once the docs have exhausted themselves.

Save the Date for Rocky Horror

October 27th, 2024 @ Littlefield

The Occasionalists are thrilled to announce our 10th annual Halloween(ish) live band karaoke Rocky Horror Picture Show extravaganza. This year will be even bigger and better than last year. Save that date!! Or, for those Mets fans out there, as Steve Cohen would say (in the rare cases when the Mets win) "put it in the books"!

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