The Occasionalists

John Allgood

John is the one who actually knows in which key each song is supposed to be played and tells us when one or more of us are playing in different keys. Apparently, this is an important component of playing a song as a band. Who knew? Without him, the band would be playing much less occasionally and to far fewer...and tone deaf...people.

Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Mandolin & Arranger

John Marshall

John is the freak musician of the band. What he lacks in preparation, he makes up for with bewildering skill and talent. No matter what instrument John is playing, that instrument will no doubt be the best sounding instrument for that song. Needless to say, to the more prepared and far less skilled members of the band, this is at once indispensable and extremely annoying.

Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Wires

Barry Stelboum

In contrast to John, Barry tries to make up for his lack of skill with extensive preparation. Despite counting past four being a challenge to him, Barry is the primary drummer of the band. Good thing we play rock and roll and four is as high as he needs to go to keep the songs chugging forward at a steady tempo. He's also the guy who books the band, edits the videos, designs the artwork and created this website, which is probably why they keep him around.

Drums, Bass, Guitar & Mad Executive Function Skills

Mark Vincent

When you ask Mark what chord he's playing, he'll show you where his fingers are on the neck and say "this one." But it's always, well, almost always, the right one. Mark works so hard on his preparation that when it's "game time" all his effort allows his playing to appear so effortless. He's also far and away the best roadie in the band and for that we love him.

Guitar, Bass, Drums & Self-Deprecation

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