The Occasionalists are a Brooklyn-based live karaoke band playing songs across many decades and genres.  

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It is with great antici...pation that The Occasionalists, for one brief fleeting moment in the pandemic that never ends, are thrilled to announce that the band will be doing a small, free event on Halloween evening performing -- for the sixth straight year -- The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack in its entirety.

Like everything else in 2020, it will be a little different as we'll be the warm-up act for the movie itself at the awesome Gowanus-based venue Park Life. And because "live karaoke" is synonymous with "superspreader event," we'll be performing with two off-Broadway singers to bring justice to all of the campy genius of the RHPS songs.

The band will be going on @7:30, movie @9:00. Seating is limited so come early to secure your table, have a drink and enjoy the vibe.

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