The Occasionalists are a Brooklyn-based live karaoke band playing songs across many decades and genres.  

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Hey Occasionalists Friends, Fans and Family,


Over the past couple of years, The Occasionalists have put on epic live karaoke shows to benefit many, many causes. While the band is sadly in forced hiatus, one of our members, Dr. John Marshall, and his team at Maimonides Hospital, have become health care rock stars, literally saving lives on a daily basis. And they can now use your help.


John runs the ER at Maimonides, which is THE BUSIEST ER in Brooklyn.  Needless to say, they are overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients right now and are running dangerously low on supplies. John and his colleagues are risking their lives every day to help our fellow Brooklynites.


Local restaurants and good samaritans are already making sure the ER staff has plenty of free food, but the staff still needs more protective equipment to keep themselves safe. If you can, please make a donation to Maimonides using this link: maimo.org/donate. You can indicate a custom amount and remember NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL. And please indicate that the gift is in honor of Dr. John Marshall & his ER team so they how how much we appreciate what they are doing.


If people have leads on masks, housing for staff, or anything else that might be useful, please email the hospital directly at: COVID-RESOURCES@maimonidesmed.org The have a special team will asses whether they can actually use what you are offering.


The band can't wait to get back out there to see (and hear) your beautiful faces. Stay inside and healthy everyone. See you soon!


A big thank you from The Occasionalists.

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